About Guardian Patrol Security


Guardian Patrol Security Services, Inc. was started in 2014 with the purpose of being a local security company that you can trust. The founders have combined nearly 25 years experience and backgrounds in law enforcement, property management and customer service which enables us to better understand our client’s needs.

We believe that a security company, one that you put your trust into, should be trustworthy. Our management team is made up of responsible, law-biding and productive citizens in your community. We always have your best interest in mind. We believe that you, the customer, deserves a security company made up of people that understand your security concerns and a security team that will professionally represent you. Quality begins with our thorough security guard selection.

At Guardian Patrol Security Services, Inc., we genuinely care about our relationship with our customers and the people we meet while serving our customers. We also believe in teamwork. We know that today’s security needs are much different and demanding then they were in the past. The laws have changed, even the criminal mind has changed. It takes teamwork to achieve our goals and working collaboratively with our team, communities, and local law enforcement agencies, we can reach them.

We know that you can’t always be there.

Guardian Patrol Security Services. We’re there, when you can’t be!


Mission Statement

The Mission of Guardian Security Services, Inc. is to provide a new standard in the security profession through integrity, training, reliability, and a focus on customers and the community.