Alarm Response

Mobile Security Alarm Response Patrol Car

Alarm response is another integral part of a security patrol plan. Besides the fact our service can save you money from false alarm* charges by police departments, our alarm response service provides you peace of mind. If an alarm arises, your Guardian Patrol Security will respond to your property, check on the situation, and inform you of the situation as soon as possible. During an alarm response our staff will communicate with your alarm company to get specific details as soon as possible about the type of alarm, and the response needed. Upon arrival, our security patrol officers will look for signs of suspicious activity, vandalism, and forced entry. We will complete a perimeter check of the property and contact local law enforcement if needed.

Of course, under all circumstances, you’ll receive a detailed report of the alarm. Your notification protocols can be tailored to your requests.

*See contract for multiple false alarm fees. Certain charges may apply for repeated alarm responses.