Strike, Film Set or Event Security

We provide special event security for small, private events up to large venues or festivals.

Mobile or standing security guards at your event can help you lower your liability and maintain a safe space for everyone. Whether used while setting up event, during event or post-event, Standing Guards are a visible presence typically used at entry or exit point to control access, greet guests, direct traffic and help usher guests when it is time to leave.

Mobile security guards are perfect for patrolling large crowds of people and can travel great distances quickly, helping to administer first aid and monitor suspicious activity while protecting your property, guests and general public.

Often coordinating with local law enforcement, our team is committed to keeping you, your employees and your guests as safe as possible. We combine years of experience with a constant commitment to your satisfaction to deliver exceptional security services.

Typical Event Security services we provide are:
•  Standing Security Guard
•  Studio or Location Access Control
•  Mobile Security Patrol
•  Crowd Control
•  Equipment Watch
•  Contractor Escort / Watch
•  Fire Watch