Residential / Condominium Security Guards

Our residential / condo security guards patrol apartment buildings and townhome complexes, checking on the exterior perimeter, access points, parking lot, garages, and if required mechanical room, facility rooms or the roof. A security guard presence always works as a strong and efficient visual deterrent to criminal or other illegal activities that might take place if no security guards were present.
As an agent for ownership Guardian Patrol Security Guards quickly attend to tenant complaints, respond to alarms, report suspicious activities, report fire or hazards, and are an after-hours or emergency contact for maintenance issues.

Our Guardian Patrol Residential / Condo Security Guards are carefully screened for customer service skills to ensure they are always respectful and courteous when interacting with tenants, owners, and guests. Our experienced, residential security team is federally certified in the Fair Housing Act and ensures all security guards are extensively trained and up to date on these laws. By following these Fair Housing Act laws, we ensure our clients are compliant and our officers are consistent, fair, and competent to handle any scenario. We are also well versed in Washington State Vehicle Impoundment Laws.

Typical residential condominium security duties we provide to multi-family complexes are:
Standing Security Guard
• Access Control
Courtesy Patrol (Mobile Vehicle or Foot Patrol)
• Concierge Security Service
Alarm Response
• Fire Watch

Get personalized Residential Security Services. Give us a call and we can assess your complex needs and provide you with a customized protection plan to maximize your security benefits, while staying within your budget.