Security Guards

We provide professional, reliable security guard services and believe that we have one of the best security teams in town.

Selection of Security Guards

Every security guard hired by Guardian Security is thoroughly screened and vetted. Applicants must have a current Washington State Security Guards License with a minimum of one year experience. In addition to the standard background check Washington State requires to obtain a security guard license, we also send fingerprints to Washington State Patrol, perform a thorough background check with the FBI, a driver’s license check, as well as employment and reference checks. Beyond this, we also look for intangible traits such as common sense, awareness, personable, and customer service skills.

FBI background check
Licensed security guard
State Patrol fingerprint check
Integrity & Experience


Security Guard Training

Washington State mandates that every security guard is required to complete additional training annually to maintain their security guard license. Guardian Security provides training on topics including:

Security Officer Conduct and Ethics
Security Officer Legal Powers and Limitations
Conflict Resolution
CPR and Medical Response
Observation Skills and Report Writing
Safety Awareness (Fire prevention, hazardous materials and OSHA)
Emergency Response
Crime and Loss Prevention

Guardian Security’s senior management is certified in the federal Fair Housing Act and supplies on-going training and support to ensure all security guards are well versed in current laws. Our residential security clients can rest easy knowing that our security guards understand their legal powers and limitations and will be compliant when conducting their duties.

On an ongoing basis, Guardian Security’s provides officers with one on one, in-the-field training to ensure they know all the details of their assignments and can best protect our clients’ interests.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Employment page to download application form.