On-Site Security Officer / Standing Guard

The On-site Security Officer, also known as the Standing Guard, is the most common type of security officer. This position offers the most consistent visual deterrent in security. Guardian Patrol’s on site security officers can be used in just about any situation where security personnel are required such as:
• Access Control
• Facility Attendant
• Construction Site
• Parking Lot Security
• Concierge
• CCTV Security Camera Monitoring
• Property Crime Prevention

Guardian’s security officers will provide you with service tailored to your requests. All locations will be provided site or post orders so each officer is aware of your needs and the duty requirements. Most of our on-site officers are also supported by our experienced vehicle security patrol team which gives you a little more peace of mind, knowing there is additional security presence at your property.

Each security officer we provide will have a current Washington State security officer license, have completed our required training and have been briefed on your specific security concerns and expectations. (Read more about our Security Guard selection and training)

We understand that the presence of our security officers also reflects on you. You can be assured that our on-site officers understand this and will be professional at all times in appearance and courteous to your staff and public.

If you’re looking for a constant security guard presence or access control, then the on-site officer is the best option.